I’ve been hanging out in the funky Kitsilano district of Vancouver.  Here is Kits beach.  Unfortunately it was a grey day but after the Okanagan it was welcome.  However, after sitting at the beach for only a few minutes, I missed the sun already!

This is Burrard Inlet I believe?  Or English Bay?

I was lucky enough to have lunch with a dear friend of mine, Sue Gill.  She has a Kool little store on W 4th Ave. called, Country Beads. She sells beads and jewelry where you can make your own stuff and be creative.  Her little store has been going for what, 25 yrs ish Sue?  Business woman of the decades I’d say!  Actually Suzanne, of the Bar Wellness Studio in Olds,  if you ever need any advice on running a small business, I’d invite you to give Sue a call.  Hmm, now that I think of it you two Sue’s would make good business partners, similar wave lengths. 😎

If any of you are ever in Kits you should pop in to see Sue for sure.  Tell her your a friend of mine!  However she’ll look at you warily at first, because she’s aware of some of the characters I’ve been known to cavort with, but with a chuckle and a smile you’ll be like old friends in no time!

Thank you Sue, my heart is lighter and happier having seen you again! 😇

The other evening I took a walk though the streets of Kitsilano.  Sure the paths along the ocean inlet and beaches are beautiful and all the shops along 4th are Kool.  But the real beauty I think is in the streets where the people live.  It’s quieter. I should have taken some pictures. Lol, sometimes I forget I have a camera on a phone, all the time.  In between the beautiful trees and shrubs and flowers and bushes are funky coloured olds houses and apartments and little coffee shops.  And you can see nature squeezing out between them.  Actually maybe trying to reclaim their territory?

One thing I noticed in Kits as the evening came on, was young love.  Young people out for a walk, holding hands or couples out for a bike ride.  You don’t see that affection much in Olds.  I never even saw it much at the college amongst the students.  Or hadn’t noticed it?  Lol. It was nice to see here. It reminded me of the feeling of my younger love.  Refreshing.  If I remember right, I think young love kind of felt like the fresh air I felt in the cedar trees, lakes and mountains again.  I think invigorating is the word?  I miss it like I’ve missed the fresh air of the mountains.  Always express the love as much as possible!

Namaste my friends!


One thought on “Kitsilano

  1. I’ve maybe been through Kitsalano years ago and heard how cool and beautiful it is. Probly pricy area to live too I imagine. Love hearing all about the interesting places and people along your journeys Geoff!! And yes, always choose love!!


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