Penticton BC July 6

Hung out on Skaha beach all afternoon in Penticton.  Olds-ittes everywhere!  It was like a reunion!🀠.  Ed and I even met a guy working at the Liquor store who played for the Olds Grizzlies.  Everyone’s leaving Alberta!

Beach, and Eds knee.

Finally some clouds today in the orchard in Westbank, July 7.  Gotta get out of Kelowna, way too much city!  Very draining.  

I’m stuck though it seems as I’m unsure of which direction to head now?  North, south?  Not feeling headin to the coast…. way too many people! Way too many here in the Okanagan!  I like people, but I don’t think I could eat a whole one! πŸ™ƒ


2 thoughts on “Penticton BC July 6

  1. beautiful photos! that Skaha lake/beach is one of my favourites!! enjoy…wondering how that smoke is with all the forest fires happening? hope you’re heading in the opposite direction.


    1. Hi B! I was gonna go and camp for a few days right beside Skaha beach! But I decided I had enough of that heat and smoke from the fires was moving into the valley. Split for the Fraser Valley today. Thought about going north from Kelowna but to many fires!πŸ”₯. I’m just north of Mission, very beautiful. Pics to follow. Contemplating sling shoting through Van and head up the Sunshine Coast? We’ll see? See what manifests. Great way to live this rambling! 😎🀠


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