Kelowna July 3!

Whoa, back in a city. It’s been a while. I’m actually camping in an organic apple orchard, permaculture to Gerda. Pretty interesting.  Over in Westbank, Kelowna.

They are pretty environmentally conscious here. They even have a clay oven Gerda & James.

Here’s me by it and some Brazilians who are here to help pick. Go figure.

On the flip side I went down town Kelowna today.

Makes me wanna buy a jeep and get some high lights in my hair! πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘…….and get a tattoo?!

Gonna kick Doug Peters butt tomorrow in golf.  

Also been working on a song!  It’s called, Sex In A Tent.  It’ll be a classic for sure! 


One thought on “Kelowna July 3!

  1. Sweet adventure friend! So cool you have friends to meet along the way! And can’t wait to hear this song lol!


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