July 2 Rock Creek BC

I’ve been hanging out in Rock Creek BC for the last few days.  Once again it didn’t look like much from the highway but once u check out what a place has to offer, u see the beauty.

I’ve been graciously staying on the land of Melanie, a friend of Jim and Char’s.  Thank you so much Melanie, it’s been beautiful.

Things done in Rock Creek:

1.Hung out at a biker bar along the river. It didn’t seem as Kool pulling up on my bicycle. Kool bar though.

2. Biked another piece of the trans Canada trail from Melanie’s to the provincial park. It’s a Kool old Kettle valley rail line along the river.  Startling to dodge the snakes along the trail sometimes! Lol

When I got to the park there’s an old tressle and I went for a swim there.  There was a young girl there practicing her swimming.  I said it looks like your ready for the English Channel.  Turns out she was!  She was off to do it this week. All the best Emily!

3. Golfed at the Kettle valley golf club. Nice little 9 hole course. Built in 1927. The best food in town.

All in all a beautiful spot.  I wonder if it ever gets hot here though? 🙃😎

Thanks again so much Melanie!

My backyard for a few days! Private road even.

Off to Kelowna to live in an Apple orchard for a bit! 😎 cheers!

A forest fire ripped through here in 2015.  It somehow missed the town and the Kettle Creek provincial park.  Some said they were hopin it’d take out the biker bar! Lol

one thing about fires is they sure clean up and let new growth set in. Like check out the flowers now.



2 thoughts on “July 2 Rock Creek BC

  1. Awesome Geoff! Good to hear you are doing well….sounds like your living life as it comes!, the way it should be lived:)
    Glad you touched base with Mel and that worked out.
    Charlene and I are freshly back from Europe and starting to settle into the summer here,…a bit of an adjustment but good to be home and enjoying our yard.
    Look forward to hearing more of your adventures,

    Happy trails!



  2. Hey Geoff, good to hear you’re rolling along smoothly. Beautiful photos. Great line about the English Channel. Bev and I are about to head west tomorrow. Will be in Penticton Wed and Thursday. Call me if you happen to be there.


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