June 18 Still in Kokanee Creek

I’m still hanging out around Nelson. Nothing to eventful yet.  Unfortunately my contacts in Nelson didn’t pan out.  No biggy, it’s been relaxing hanging out at the campsite , playing guitar, having fires starting them with the Bindford 5000.

Bindford 5000

I haven’t picked up any chicks with it yet and the Park people haven’t taken it away yet. So that’s good. Lol.

I’ve learnt some camp parking tips to pass on;

1. Always choose a site with at least one side of privacy.  So u can at least take a leak outside.🙃

2. Always choose a site with at least some sunlight sometime during the day. Unless it’s +35C maybe?

3. Make sure there are no massive dead or dying trees that may come down in a storm. Pretty important one.

4. When scavaging firewood that neighbours left behind, do it quick before the Park Maids come and take to re sell it! Lol

Bridge into Nelson. I forget it’s name?

Kootenays Lake got pretty high one year.


2 thoughts on “June 18 Still in Kokanee Creek

  1. Hey Cowboy, I’ve been Fukin around with that WordPress for 2 days and still haven’t got it figured out! Reminds me of my Dad trying to play my Walkman. Saw most of the photos, very cool! Your set up is the perfect fit for you, the true Ramblin Man! Let me know if your coming Ottawa way, will get Dar and the Kids to keep me updated on the Blog. Happy Trails!


    1. Thanks Pilgrim. This adventure kind of reminds me of when we took our bikes to Europe. However this time I’m driving, pulling around a hostel and I can speak the language.
      I did bring a bike with me again though!
      I know what u mean about the computer stuff for sure! I’ll keep u posted on Ottawa.
      Happy trails!


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