June 11- Cranbrook BC

My Friends,

It’s been a week since I left Olds.  I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical about this adventure.  A lot of fear and judgement crept in.  But once I got to the mountains and got more familiar with how this trailer worked my confidence has grown.  

I truly thank you Ed and Cody for our discussions on the importance of traveling.  And I deeply thank you all for all our discussions and that wonderful send off get together.  You all truly gave me some heart felt strength.  As this is a big leap for me, jumping out of an Olds comfort zone. (Pardon the bad pun)

I think I’ll use this blog as a way to therapeutically journal.  I don’t expect anyone to read it but hopefully I’ll have some good pics to check out once in a while.

Namaste, (I honour the place in you where we are one)

P.S. there is something very enlightening and grounding about being able to wake up in the morning, walk out side your door, step into nature…….and take a leek.😎



2 thoughts on “June 11- Cranbrook BC

  1. Hi Geoff, hiking, biking, soul-searching, and peeing out your front door! Isn’t life grand! Glad to see you’re reaching out to new horizons , Take care!


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