June 10/17

Hello my friends!  I think I have finally found a blog I might have figured out!  I’m currently in Cranbrook BC now.  It’s been an interesting journey so far. I’ve met some awesome people so far.

I spent the first night in Elkton Valley and learnt I had a bees nest in my fridge vent.  Not good.  Bob Hoffas came by for supper, thanks Bob. And met a real nice hunter gal by the name of Erna.  

I then moved on to the Crowsnest Pass and spent a few days at my Fathers place in Hillcrest Alberta.  A beautiful place, but a bit windy.  Luckily he had a bunch of friends camping on his land in their RVs so they gave me some big time knowledge on how stuff works in my trailer.thanks guys!

There is sure a lot of things to trailer camping or glamping.  Thankfully I’ve been meeting many people who are happy to give me a crash course.  

I’ll try to add some pics here!  Off mountain biking with an old friend tomorrow!  Good old Sparky!


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